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Neha Kumari

Developer at IT, Delhi
I am writing you to express my interest in interviewing for the position of Data Scientist. With my Internship degree in Data Science and six month of experience as a intern in a Data Scientist under my belt, I think I can be a great asset to your organization. My professional experience includes crafting algorithms and making use of machine learning to mine and make sense of data, and then using data visualization to present said data to decision makers. Couple this experience with my passion for data and I think I’d be an excellent fit. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology that I earned from AKTU University was instrumental to my success during my time as a data scientist at Tatras Data Algorithm. Along the way to earning my degree I also developed a strong background in mathematics that has served me well in my pursuit to advance the interests of my employers. My experience at Tatras Data Algorithm and my educational background make me a good fit for this position as does my personal passion for logical problem solving.

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