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Lead Engineer - Backend Development - Golang/Python/Java (4-6 yrs)

Bangalore Job Code: 455106

$10M series B funded Gaming platform company located near Koramangala, Bangalore.

We are into gaming DNA, but we have evolved into a platform company. Means we offer gaming experience to our users. Our product and engineering teams are building a platform in native android, systems and APIs in Golang / Postgres / Redis etc. Our product engineering team today concentrates on developing platform features such as leaderboards, wallets, tournament scheduling systems, interactive livestream experiences and so on.

While we don't plan to make a MOBA anytime soon, you will get amazing exposure to full-stack native mobile application development in an environment that places tremendous amount of focus on contributing to backend as well as front-end at all levels of experience.

Responsibilities :

- Multiplayer system development : Matchmaking, Shared game state signalling, Audio chat, Video chat, Live Streaming, Bots and so on.

- Backend system development : Writing edge as-well-as core microservices, such as, for Over-the-air content delivery, Leaderboards, Wallets, Feed, Friends, Presence etc.

- Backend infrastructure development : Load testing, Container and node orchestration and automation, Observability and trace tools, Infrastructure cost optimization and so on.

- Systems scalability and reliability : Design and develop scalable services and scalable persistence in a fast pace environment with rapidly growing concurrents. Lead the RCAs on availability incidents and drive the effort to resolve them. Plan and build tools to enable developers to remain productive as systems and operations scale.

- Data Engineering : We are working on applications and systems that will use data science primitives. We expect engineering applications that apply data science tools to achieve use cases such as

- Finding abusive behaviour in a video chat

- Modulating video parameters based on ambient noise/network conditions

- Predicting churn and ensuring that users will stay by pitching offers to them

- Automating customer support emails/chat

- Optimising revenue versus churn probability via running a large number of experiments simultaneously (which is not possible by humans)

- Web scraping and presentation for easing content production

- Matchmaking new users to veterans (and measuring impact on churn)

What we are looking for :

- Relevant experience : 4-5 years of experience building server side applications

- Strong computer science fundamentals and problem solving skills

- Strong design fundamentals. Ability to independently break down complex real-world problems without needing help.

- Strong multithreaded design fundamentals.

- Broad knowledge of practices in applications at scale, such as, caching, queueing, pub-sub, sharding, shared-nothing design, denormalization, etc.

- Solid mentoring and team organisation skills

- Ability to take charge of delivering multiple efforts. You have the leadership quality of guiding and inspiring everyone in the team.

- Prior experience of interacting with business stakeholders directly

- A deep sense of ownership and collaboration - take the initiative to communicate and clarify, breakdown tasks, burndown task lists, work hard, learn and unlearn

- Great written and oral communication skill - write design documents, constructively comment on code reviews, pair with design and test teams to tackle technical unknowns

Brownie points :

- Expertise with docker and kubernetes cli.

- Good working knowledge of Database query analysis and optimisations

- Knowing all the crucial system tuning parameters for tuning a high traffic linux server, by heart.

- Sharing RCA stories for availability incidents in a complex distributed system.

- Using vim as your primary IDE of choice.

- Having a git repository with all the dotfiles that is meant to bootstrap you on any laptop.

About the Engineering team :

Engineering team closely works with the product team to achieve the overall outcome. Our engineers own their impact end-to-end. While solving key technical & scaling challenges, they contribute to the overall roadmap, enabling product experiments, turnkey deliverables and more. Our user feedback loop is immediate, which means we can rapidly iterate and deploy. High interaction with cross-functional peers.

- We love versatility in our engineers. Jack of all trades, master of none is often better than master of one.

- Communication and collaboration across the organization are as important as an engineer's execution and delivery.

- We believe that the best engineers write simple codes for complex problems.

- We focus on details before deliverables. Premature execution is the root of all scope creep!

Tech Stack :

Programming languages and technologies we use include Java, Kotlin, Golang, Python, SQL, Javascript, Android, Postgres, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, Firebase and BigQuery.

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