IIIT Bangalore | PG Diploma in Software Development & Blockchain (Scholarship Available)

Avail INR 75,000 Scholarship by enrolling in today!!

Course Snapshot
  • FeeINR 2,25,000 (Incl. Taxes)
  • Work Experience2 - 30 Years
  • Duration11 Months
  • Delivery MethodOnline
  • Course Starts On15 May 2019
Course Detail

Why Blockchain?

> 290% increase in number of blockchain jobs posted from May to November 2017 ~Indeed
> $9.7bn Total Blockchain spending by 2021 with a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 82% ~International Data Corporation
> 40-60% increase in salaries of Blockchain skilled professionals compared to peers ~Randstad

Program Features

> Industry Relevant Skills: Learn the skill sets of a backend developer & a blockchain developer through this Blockchain course
> Industry Projects: Develop hands-on experience through industry projects & action workshops!
> Industry Mentorship: Experience 1:1 mentoring sessions with blockchain experts to know your potential career pathway
> Personalized Feedback: Receive custom feedback and grading by experts on your assignments and projects
> Offline Interactions: Attend meet ups in 4 cities with industry experts; along with live sessions every month
> Doubt Solving: Ask questions in doubt solving sessions or to your personal student mentor or in the discussion forum
> Get PG Certification & Alumni status from IIIT-Bangalore
> Work on leading industry certified projects
> Create Smart Contracts and deploy DApps
> Build your own token environment
> Receive 1:1 mentorship from industry experts

*Scholarship worth INR 75,000 available for candidates born after year 1990.

Course Modules

Module 1: Object-Oriented Programming
> Welcome Module
> Classes and Objects
> Inheritance and Polymorphism
> Arrays and Linked Lists
> Tools Covered: Java and IntelliJ

Module 2: Algorithms
> Introduction to Algorithm Analysis + Recursion
> Divide and Conquer
> Dynamic Programming
> Tools Covered: Java and IntelliJ

Module 3: Data Structures
> Stacks and Queues
> Hash Tables
> Trees and BST's
> Heaps
> Graphs and Graph Algorithms
> Tools Covered: Java and IntelliJ

Module 4: Software Engineering Frameworks and Server Side Development
> Version Control
> Agile Software Development
> Unit Testing, TDD, and Refactoring
> MVC Architecture
> Databases and ORMs
> Tools Covered: Spring, Hibernate, PostgreSQL and Git

Module 5: API Backend and Frontend Development
> Building an API Backend - I
> Building an API Backend - II
> HTML and CSS
> JavaScript
> Tools Covered: Spring, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, HTM, CSS, VisualStudio and JS

Module 6: Fundamentals of Blockchain and Smart Contracts
> Basics of Blockchain
> Blockchain Features - I
> Blockchain Features - II
> Creating a Blockchain in JS
> Smart Contract Development in Ethereum
> Tools Covered: JS, Ethereum and Solidity

Module 7: Hyperledger-Fabric and Composer
> Hyperledger Fundamentals
> Fabric Under the Hood
> Hyperledger Composer
> Tools Covered: Hyperledger, Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Composer

Capstone Project